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Ghouls and Ghosts of Manual Publishing:

A Halloween Warning 

Don’t Let Your Business Become a Ghostly Relic: Embrace Print Publishing Automation!


As Halloween creeps closer, it’s the perfect time to explore some spine-tingling tales of user experience horror for companies that have yet to embrace print publishing automation. While ghouls and ghosts may be the stars of the season, these five chilling scenarios are more than capable of sending shivers down the spines of those who rely on outdated manual processes for their print publications.


Read on to discover the nightmares that await businesses that haven’t automated their print publishing processes 👇

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5 Nightmares for companies that haven't automated their
Print Publishing Processes

👻 Phantom Delays

Imagine this: It’s the night before a major product launch, and you’re putting the final touches on your product catalog. The clock strikes midnight, and suddenly, your computer freezes. Despite your desperate attempts, you can’t finish the publication in time. Without print publishing automation, you’re at the mercy of technical glitches and lost hours, leaving your audience in the dark and costing your company precious sales. 

Embracing print publishing automation ensures that your business won’t be haunted by phantom delays, keeping your sales and reputation intact.

🕸️ Content Curse

In a world where content is king, having outdated content in your publications can be downright terrifying. Manual processes often lead to version control issues, outdated information, or even old prices in your print materials. This lack of automation can haunt your brand’s credibility and lead to lost opportunities. With InBetween Database Publishing software, product information is synchronized automatically, ensuring that your publications are always up-to-date and accurate. 

🔮 Spooky Branding:

You’ve painstakingly designed your branding elements, but with manual publishing, there’s always a risk that the final product won’t match your vision. Fonts, colors, and layouts can be altered in the printing process, leaving you with a ghastly brand inconsistency that’s sure to spook your audience. 

🧟‍♂️ Zombie Workforce

Manual publishing requires a team of skilled professionals who must perform repetitive tasks like layout design, data entry, and proofreading. These valuable team members are reduced to “zombie workers,” squandering their talents on monotonous tasks instead of focusing on creativity and innovation. Automation can liberate your workforce from the chains of mundane tasks, letting them shine in their true roles. 

🎃 Compliance Catastrophe

In regulated industries, compliance is paramount. Failure to adhere to industry standards can lead to legal nightmares, hefty fines, and a tainted reputation. Manual publishing makes it challenging to ensure that every publication is compliant, opening the door to a compliance catastrophe that can haunt your business for years. 

This Halloween, as you sip on pumpkin spice lattes and carve jack-o’-lanterns, remember that the real horror story might be unfolding within your company if you haven’t embraced print publishing automation. These five spooky user experiences are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the terrifying consequences of resisting automation in your print publishing processes


But there’s hope on the horizon with InBetween Database Publishing Solutions. Don’t let your business become a ghostly relic of the past; instead, treat yourself to these automation software that can free you from these eerie encounters and pave the way for a brighter, more efficient, and less terrifying future.

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