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InBetween is modular and the individual components can be combined with each other. In this way, we leverage the efficiency of a standard solution with the fulfillment of your individual requirements.

For our clients, this means

An individual solution thanks to modular design
Maximum efficiency thanks to ready-made components
No programming necessary
In-house implementation or „turnkey“ system
database-publishing-softwareSoftware Modules

Whether we talk about catalogues, price lists, brochures, product data sheets, flip catalogues, tablet publications, sales presentations or business reports, even labels or signs – you can automatically generate far more publications than you would imagine.

Simply create or modify InBetween templates for semi- or fully automated publications in your familiar InDesign environment – with the InBetween DTP client, this is a child’s play.

You would like to output your price lists in excel, create training documents about the latest products in power points at the push of a button, or generate comprehensive quotations in Word? Yes, all possible.

No matter which data source or database you use: InBetween can use data from systems such as PIM, ERP, CRM, from a live database, or simply from XML or CSV sources. And, of course, in any desired combination.

Catalogues and brochures in the respective language version increase your sales opportunities. InBetween supports all possible scenarios: simultaneous creation of all languages based on a single product range, language versions on-demand and with varying product ranges depending on the country or region.

Successful projects thanks to reliable support. Taking this as our motto, InBetween offers everything you need to succeed: from consulting to project management, coaching, and implementation, up to training enabling users to work completely independently.


InBetween Print Publishing software cultivates creative ease and production of any type of digital or print publications, whether it be catalogs, datasheets or price lists, in a fully or partially automated manner and in a vast variety of output forms and languages.
InBetween consists of different components which are bundled in product lines, tailor-made for your needs.


Furthermore, our Professional Service Team ensures that you and your print publishing projects are always in good hands.

output Formats

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Peter Flory
Director Sales

Hello, I'm Peter Flory.

I know all this sounds very abstract. So, how can we help YOU boost your business with print publishing? Let’s talk and get an overview. Also, I can give you a few small steps on hand which I’m sure will help you get more insights in your publication processes. 


Why Inbetween
for smart and
agile publishing?

Automation at a flexible degree

The InBetween solution gives you as much creative freedom as you want. At the same time, the software supports you through useful and efficient automation. The spectrum ranges from supplementing your editorial content with short, simple templates to publications that are created completely automatically as a printable PDF. This way you set the degree of automation always as far as you want to. The update function is available in every variant. This ensures that your publications are always up to date.

Publishing in a team

Perfect collaboration: With InBetween Publisher and InBetween Publication Wizard, you can easily integrate different departments, branches and even external agencies into the creation of your publications. There is no longers any barriers to the electronic distribution of your advertising material. Of course both tools are web-based and very easy to use.

One template - multiple languages

Several intelligent functions support multilingual publishing. If you work with product data in several language versions, you can easily control the output via parameters. You simply select the current language using the language selector, and that’s it. You can also create different language layers in your document via a generation loop. An intelligent system ensures that the structure is identical for the entire publication. The frame height is automatically based on the longest text in all languages.

One template - various output formats

InBetween templates can be used for a variety of different output formats. You can use your product templates to produce all advertising material, output publications as electronic sheet catalogs, reuse sales presentations in PowerPoint, generate quotations in Word or provide price lists in Excel with additional calculation formulas.

Complex tables - no programming

InBetween Project Editor has a graphical user interface. So you don’t need any programming skills, even for complex tables. The number of columns and rows is determined dynamically from your product data. The size of the individual columns and rows automatically adapts to the space required. At the push of a button you can quickly and easily connect fields, insert intermediate lines or rotate the tables. Even sophisticated cross tables can be inserted very easily using the format switch. If it should become more complex still, InBetween supports you with regular standard and individual training.

Template creation - easy!

Your InBetween templates are the heart of the part- or fully automated production of your publications. This makes their creation the most important. Changing the templates and assigning data are also important tasks. You can either use the intuitive InBetween Project Editor or the familiar DTP environment. Both variants allow you to create InBetween templates quickly and easily and reuse them for other output formats.

Fresh data. Error-free. Anytime.

Errors cost money and resulting corrections are time-consuming and complex. InBetween’s direct connection to the data source helps to avoid these problems and instead it ensures timeliness. Thanks to the dynamic publishing solution, changes (e.g. corrections) in the data source are immediately applied by InBetween to the generated documents.


Kelly Leaning
Marketing Manager

Hello, I'm Kelly Leaning

I know all this sounds very abstract. So, how can we help YOU boost your business with concrete measures? Let’s talk and get an overview. Also, I can give you a few small steps on hand which I’m sure will help you get more insights in your publication processes.

THe Components

The Server

The core of the InBetween software is the InBetween Server. This powerful solution provides a sound base for automating your publications.

The DTP-Client

With the DTP-Client as an InDesign plugin you gain the best of both- automation from the InBetween Server and creative freedom offered by InDesign!

The Auto Generator

This is a highly automated cloud-based publication service designed to enable the most efficient creation and distribution of your print marketing material with fresh product data from your databases.

The Publisher

With this solution, you can make your marketing material available online, giving your partners on-demand access to individually generated, personalized publications with just a few clicks.

The Publication Wizard

With the InBetween Publication Wizard, you can organize the planning and execution of your publications in such a way that the tasks are distributed across all departments involved.

The Planner

InBetween Publication Planner enables you to save time during planning and implementation, as well as during the monitoring the iterative progress of your publications, through all key stages.


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