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Unlock 2024


InBetween is thrilled to join Akeneo Unlock 2024 as a proud sponsor!


Get ready to join us for a series of inspiring events. Unlock 2024 will be the occasion for the entire PX Community to reunite and get inspired!


Akeneo Unlock – the annual Akeneo PIM/PXM Summit, where the entire PIM and PXM community will gather to share new ideas and grow! Unlock is a much-anticipated and highly energizing Akeneo annual conference celebrating the PXM and PIM. Unlock 2024 will feature a mix of forward-looking keynote presentations, best practices, technical workshops, customer testimonials, and networking opportunities. But, more importantly, it will remain an inclusive experience where every part of our community plays a role, sharing challenges, lessons, achievements and breakthroughs. The product experience conference brought to you by the product experience company.
Join us for this exciting exchange of ideas and insights.
Together, let’s elevate digital database publishing to the next level!

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Boston, USA

5th & 6th March 2024

2024 is set to be an exciting year, with anticipated events like the Summer Olympics, the European Championships, and the American presidential election capturing global attention. But there’s one event you might not have on your radar if you haven’t attended it before – Akeneo’s Unlock Conference.


From InBetween, the pioneers of Digital Database Publishing, we invite you to mark your calendar for Unlock Boston 2024. As the ultimate gathering of PX experts and enthusiasts, this two-day event promises inspiration as we explore the realms of providing exceptional and consistent product experiences.


Unveil the 5 compelling reasons here, why this year’s premier PX conference promises an experience that surpasses expectations.

Cologne, Germany
15th May 2024
London, England 
21st May 2024
Paris, France
23rd May 2024
On-demand from Monday 17 June 2024, for 1 week only

At Unlock Digital, you’ll have exclusive access to presentations from live Unlock events, witnessing the latest innovations from Akeneo. Immerse yourself in insights from today’s leading brands and learn from key sessions and highlights from our in-person events in Boston, Cologne, London, and Paris.


Unlock Digital will feature valuable insights on embracing AI into your PX strategy, real stories from your peers on their evolution from CX to PX, keeping customers engaged and driving brand loyalty and growth.


Discover what’s new and next from industry leaders who are creating breakthrough customer experiences through product activation strategies.

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Alexander Dressler

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Peter Flory

Director Sales

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Kerstin Lie



Torsten Blümel


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