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Use Cases

InBetween offers a whole range of services for automated publishing. From initial consultation regarding your publishing processes, all the way to go-live – our consultants will be available for you at any time, also on site.

Learn more about the magic InBetween can do for you:

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Automatically generate data sheets or price lists

Do you have to produce many thousands of publications in a similar layout as a piecework? And all of them always up to date?
With the practical solution of InBetween you have an easy game when it comes to speed and topicality. Your publications are produced daily in the preferred languages, the corresponding currencies and tailored to your customer segments, highly up-to-date and individually from your product data. You can start the output with one click and immediately receive a printable PDF. Or you can produce your data sheets all at once. Without effort, without delays.
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Produce catalogs in different languages

Do you operate internationally or do you want to develop new markets? Do you address different target groups with different languages, currencies, units of measurement and even different product ranges?
With InBetween’s convenient solutions, your production process is as flexible as your publications, so that you can react quickly and dynamically to the changes or differentiated requirements of your markets.


Catalogs in different languages can be produced with the InBetween Server, which is integrated in all InBetween solutions and offers a wide range of possible solutions.


Solutions that integrate InBetween Server:

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Connect InDesign quickly to data

Do you want to access your data quickly and without complications from within InDesign? Do you want to have current product content quickly at hand?
With the InBetween solution the integration of InDesign to your data is done in no time. You can use your product information optimally for your advertising material at any time. This way you are faster, more up-to-date and you can easily manage design and layout.


With the InBetween DTP Client you can quickly connect Adobe InDesign to data. Furthermore, it offers many possibilities for creative work.
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Involve different departments in the production of your publications

Do you need several departments to simultaneously plan and prepare your publication for the market optimally? Would you like to integrate purchasing, product management or marketing into the publication process? Do you work with external agencies?
The highly user-friendly solutions from InBetween create a conducive basis for a successful collaboration. You can determine who can view, comment on or even design a certain part of the publication. At the push of a button, you can proceed directly to finishing and distribution in InDesign.


The InBetween Publication Wizard is the best-suited solution for interdepartmental collaboration in the publication process. The online collaboration solution works seamlessly with the InBetween DTP Client which is integrated into the Adobe InDesign.

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Produce publications with creative and data-based content

Would you like to give your publication finishing touches? You would like to influence the design of editorial content and still not have to do everything manually?
Combining creativity with speed is possible. With the InBetween solution you can supplement your editorial content with content created automatically from the database. Changes can be added shortly before printing – and the design still fits.


To create publications with creative and data-based content, work with the InBetween DTP Client. This is integrated into Adobe InDesign and can also be quickly linked to data.

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Planning and assembling leaflets

Do you initially plan your leaflets with thematic placeholder products? Does your purchasing department indicate which promotional products should actually be advertised only a short time before release?
Avoid stress during this critical phase and simply let InBetween solutions help you. Plan the positions of your products in your layout conveniently in advance. Fill in the gaps with concrete images and up-to-date information directly from your PIM system. Breathe easy and gain the time needed for a perfect result.


You can plan and create leaflets with the InBetween Publication Wizard, the solution for online collaboration. Leaflets can be seamlessly finished in Adobe InDesign by using InBetween DTP Client.

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Create product presentations or training slides as PowerPoint

Would you like to easily reuse the layouts of your publications? Is it important to you that sales presentations and training slides also contain up-to-date product information and at the same time fully comply to your corporate identity?
Enjoy the safety of knowing that you can create your PowerPoint presentation directly from your designs and product data with the solution from InBetween. Always use the latest information and gain time for your core tasks.


You can generate PowerPoint presentations or training slides from the InBetween Server, which is integrated into all InBetween solutions and offers a wide range of possible solutions.


Solutions that integrate InBetween Server:

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Produce labels, packaging or tags

Do you want to make the production of your labels, packaging and tags faster and easier?
With all the attributes you require, packaging and labels can also be generated easily and automatically from your product data. The solution from InBetween takes care of barcodes, QR codes and packaging design as well as your catalogs or brochures.


Labels, packaging or tags can be produced from the InBetween Server, which is integrated into all InBetween solutions and offers a wide range of possible solutions.


Solutions that integrate InBetween Server:

Digital Publishing

Distribute publications online

Would you like to give partners such as dealers, subsidiaries, or sales representatives access to current publications?
InBetween allows you to dynamically generate your publications directly from the web. By setting a few parameters on a simple web page, users can create exactly the publication they need and download it immediately in the desired format.


You can distribute publications online and embed the InBetween Publisher in self-service portals.

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