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to digital publishing?

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Alexander Dressler

Hello, I'm Alexander Dressler.

I know Digital Publishing is complex, individual and sometimes overwhelming. As the CEO of InBetween, I’m absolutely sure we can to assist you to bring your business to the next level.

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increase in productivity

thanks to efficient collaboration tools


in time-to-market delivery

thanks to cloud-based and automated generation of publications


decrease in copy/paste errors

thanks to data coming directly from almost any kind of data source

Digital Publishing is made for you:

For Stephanie the CEO

"It's all about revenue."

As a CEO, I strive to give your customers an exceptional experience and set your company apart from the competition. By empowering my team to craft a highly informative product experience and provide an effortless purchasing process, you will not only boost sales and expand market share, but also boost morale amongst employees.

For Mia, the E-Commerce Manager

"I bring products to world-wide markets and different target groups."

As an e-commerce manager, it is crucial to effectively manage and expand your product catalogs internationally, allowing local e-commerce teams to customize the product experience for their specific markets. Using PDF generation as a proof of concept can help an e-commerce manager to test and validate their product and marketing strategies before investing in more expensive or complex solutions. This can help to minimize risk and ensure that resources are being used effectively.

For Sandra, the Marketing Manager

"I manage campaigns and generate leads."

Print automation can help to streamline and automate the process of creating and distributing print materials, such as brochures, flyers, and product sheets. This can save time and reduce the risk of errors, allowing the marketing and sales team to focus on more strategic tasks.

For Sophie, your Grandmother

"I don't like all this digital woo-woo."

As a consumer, I like to have something to touch. I need to easily find the right products without having to navigate across the whole internet, which I don't care about, anyway.
Also, I like machines to do all the stupid work for me at the push of a button, which I think is good for all those young people out there. Plus, you can use the extra cash you save to treat yourself to something nice!

For Michael, the IT Director

"I keep the company running. Consistent, reliable and scalable."

As an IT Director, it is important to equip my organization with the best tools to collaborate around product data, align with business policies and strategy. One way to do this is by implementing cloud based solutions and automation, which allows you to centralize, manage, and distribute your products error-free, cost-effective, effortless and plannable.

For Peter, the Product Manager

"I generate and distribute product information - up-to-date and consistently. Everywhere to everyone."

Using the print channel and PDF generation can help a product manager to effectively manage and distribute product information internally and externally. This can help to ensure that all stakeholders have access to accurate and up-to-date information, which can streamline processes and improve efficiency.

For Max, the Graphic Designer

"I use optimized workflows to have maximum capacity for creativity."

As a graphic designer, you need to work efficiently and error-free, even under pressure. This makes it hard to stay creative. By using a best-of-breed Digital Publishing solution, you can focus on the best customer experience possible, even when working in a team.


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Moritz Fischer
Account Manager

Hello, I'm Moritz Fischer.

Are you interested in how Digital Publishing can help you simplify, save costs, make projects plannable, ensure better quality or boost your speed? Great! Let’s talk about your situation and then see how a solution could look like for you.

See what's possible!


Maximum creativity AND 95% degree of automation: 29 country-specific publications in 19 languages.


For the Love of pets – 13 times faster, thanks to 80% automation.


700 layouted pages in 12 hours out of SAP: Full performance at 50% less time and effort.

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