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Linking PIM & Print Automation Software

in 3 Steps 

It's that simple...

Integrating Product Information Management (PIM) with print automation software streamlines the creation and distribution of any kind of publication, whether digital or print. This enables quick setup of product details, table creation, and efficient attribute matching, even when handling a large volume of products. 


Here’s a concise guide to get you started:

1. Connect your Data

Seamlessly integrate your data sources such as PIM, ERP, DAM, or XLS into our InBetween Publishing Platform (Software).

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2. Define your Layout
and Level of Automation


Define the layout for your publications. Customize one or multiple templates and workflows according to your specific needs and in line with your corporate branding.


Choose your level of automation:


  • Fully Automated: Publications are generated without any manual interaction.
  • Partially Automated: Select products and their order using a predefined template. Our software seamlessly integrates all relevant product data, ensuring accurate and attractive displays. You can add your creative touch with InDesign if desired.

3. Publish

Publish your documents in any format, whether digital or print, suitable for any channel. Enjoy the Magic of Automated Database Publishing.


Our web-based platform empowers teams and agencies worldwide to collaborate seamlessly. Product and Marketing Managers, Graphic Designers, and more can work within a single interface. Best of all, any changes in your product data, such as prices or images, are automatically updated in your documents.

No more data exchange struggles via Excel and email.

No more time-consuming manual tasks such as copy & pasting.

No more data inconsistencies while promoting streamlined workflows.

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Witness the transformative power of PIM + print automation with detailed, customizable, and error-free publications.

Ready to elevate your PIM strategy with print automation?

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Our Success Stories

See what's possible!


Maximum creativity AND 95% degree of automation: 29 country-specific publications in 19 languages.


For the Love of pets – 13 times faster, thanks to 80% automation.


700 layouted pages in 12 hours out of SAP: Full performance at 50% less time and effort.


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