The Core

InBetween Server

The core of the InBetween software is the InBetween Server. This powerful solution provides a sound base for automating your publications.

The InBetween Server performs a simple yet essential task. It creates finished publications from your product information and as per the layout specifications. The trick is to put together the right version of your publication from the material at your disposal. You can consider different languages, currencies, units of measurement, or even assortments and target groups. The InBetween Server keeps a close eye on your data. It sorts your product information, processes it reliably and outputs your advertising material directly in the desired layout and format.

On its own, the InBetween Server can be fed with data via the web service, in batch mode or via hot folder. Your publications are automatically created and output in all available formats.

The InBetween Server produces entire publications from the InBetween user interface and can also produce page sections or individual pages if required. All of this is done with a degree of automation that you can set as desired.

Long story short...

publication service
produces datasheets
highly automated
scans your PIM for fresh data
stores datasheets in your PIM

Use Cases

Produce catalogs in different languages

Do you operate internationally or do you want to develop new markets? Do you address different target groups with different languages, currencies, units of measurement and even different product ranges?

Create product presentations or training slides as PowerPoint

Would you like to easily reuse the layouts of your publications? Is it important to you that sales presentations and training slides also contain up-to-date product information and at the same time fully comply to your corporate identity?


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Looking forward
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