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EASY Collaboration

Publication Wizard

database-publishing-softwarePublication Wizard

The InBetween Publication Wizard facilitates the collaborative assembly of publications, making it the optimal solution for teamwork. Utilize pre-created master pages and templates (or create them directly in the tool), populating them with fresh product data from your data source. Organize your publication process so that tasks can be distributed across all involved individuals and teams.

The InBetween Publication Wizard can be scaled up to ensure your planning and creation workflows are precisely tailored to your business and publications.

Staff from procurement, product management marketing or others can participate via an easy-to-use online interface, without the need to work with a complex DTP program like Adobe InDesign. The responsible employees work comfortably on the components of their publications, make annotations, and then hand them over for final revision to the media design (internally or to an external agency).

In combination with the InBetween DTP Client, the process can be seamlessly continued in Adobe InDesign. The DTP Client plugin also maintains the connection to your data source in InDesign, and the publication project, including annotations, is passed on.

This results in smooth collaboration with a precisely tailored workflow. Thus, you avoid potential bottlenecks and maintain expertise where it belongs – thanks to the InBetween Publication Wizard.

Long story short...

Web application for easy assembly of publications
Simple collaborative publication process
Publication creation “from scratch” possible
Creation of master pages directly in the tool possible
Page creation template-based directly in the tool
Perfect workflow with handover to Adobe InDesign
Review and fine-tuning of highly automated created publications
Direct connection to your data source
Workflow and annotation management

Use Cases

Planning and assembling leaflets

Do you initially plan your leaflets with thematic placeholder products? Does your purchasing department indicate which promotional products should actually be advertised only a short time before release?

Involve different departments in the production of your publications

Do you need several departments to simultaneously plan and prepare your publication for the market optimally? Would you like to integrate purchasing, product management or marketing into the publication process? Do you work with external agencies?

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