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The DTP-Client:

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InDesign Plugin

database-publishing-softwareDTP Client

The InBetween DTP-Client, as an Adobe InDesign plugin, is the flexible solution for automated and creative publication creation.

Benefit from all the degrees of freedom that Adobe InDesign offers while simultaneously taking advantage of automated publishing.

As an official Adobe InDesign plugin, the InBetween DTP-Client allows you to automatically create entire page sequences. On the other hand, you can also create your publications piece by piece on your own.

Simply drag your products from your product list onto the Adobe InDesign page. Like magic, they appear there in the correct layout.

Of course, you can also add editorial content and manage the page planning yourself. Since the data-based content of your publication is connected to your product data (e.g. from a PIM system) via a template, you can easily and quickly update it at any time.

Long story short...

Adobe InDesign integration via plugin
Drag &Drop
Highly and partially automated work possible
Maximum creativity
Data-based content can be updated at any time
Saves publications in your PIM

Use Cases

Say goodbye to copy-paste

With the DTP-Client, your layout always contains fresh and error-free data. Just connect with to your data via XML, SQL, XML, or simply via CSV/Excel.

Publications in InDesign

With the DTP-Client as an InDesign plugin you gain the best of both- automation from the InBetween Server and creative freedom

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