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Planning publications as a team and the ability to maintain an overview of a multitude of documents and tasks is key to gaining a competitive edge.

Collaboration between departments and possibly external teams is often time-consuming, complex, and may cause errors.

The InBetween Planner solves such internal issues, enabling you to save time in planning and implementing, as well as in monitoring your publications, allowing for proactive control and maintaining oversight.

With the InBetween Planner, you can plan your publications “from scratch,” coordinate your team, and monitor the iterative progress of all your publications in all stages: from initial planning to final release and distribution.

In this way, you can set and assign completion dates for each chapter and publication, along with the responsible team members.

The user-friendly dashboard view allows for filtering by various statuses and responsible teams, and monitoring their progress and success.

The InBetween Planner is an intuitive online solution that serves as an add-on to complement the Publication Wizard.

Long story short...

Add-on for Publication Wizard
Planning and monitoring of publication processes across teams

Full control and overview

Dashboard monitoring
Optimal for interdisciplinary teams
Perfect planning and remarkable time savings
Assignment of tasks and deadlines
Online solution

Use Cases

Real-time status overview

With the Publication Planner it is possible for all involved departments to be kept up-to-date with any changes, not only reducing planning and implementation times, but equally supporting clear and quick communication channels.

Effortless integration

Seamless automatic data and image retrieval from PIM thanks to InBetween Publication Planner: an inituitive online solution, accessible from anywhere, with the added advantage of multi-lingual content and custom-defined timelines and specifications.

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