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From Static to Dynamic

From Static to Dynamic

The Power of PRint Automation

The Power of Print Automation

In the world of print automation, the transition from static to dynamic data represents a significant shift in how businesses manage their content. Static data has been associated with fixed content that requires manual updates and is often outdated. However, with dynamic data and print automation, businesses can gain numerous advantages.

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Have you ever wondered what exactly ‘Static to Dynamic’ means in the world of print automation?


Traditionally, static data involves fixed content that doesn’t change once it’s created. Think of it like a printed flyer where the information remains the same no matter when you look at it. Static content is rigid, often outdated, and requires manual updates for any changes.


Dynamic data, on the other hand, is always evolving, constantly updating to reflect the most current information. Prices, content, and other vital details are automatically refreshed and updated. This means that the material you produce is always accurate, relevant, and timely, without the need for manual intervention.

Advantages of Dynamic Data with Print Automation:

⏱️ Real-Time Updates: Dynamic print automation not only automates document production but also enables instant updates to prices, inventory levels, and promotional content, ensuring audiences have the most current information.

🚀 Increased Efficiency: Print automation reduces manual effort and minimizes errors by streamlining the publishing process.

🎨 Personalization: Leveraging print automation, businesses can deliver highly customized content tailored to audience preferences, enhancing engagement and conversion rates.

💰 Cost Savings: Cost Savings: Implementing print automation solutions significantly reduces operational costs associated with manual updates and data management, potentially lowering expenses for external agencies to zero.

📈 Scalability: Print automation allows easy management of large content volumes across multiple platforms, eliminating extensive manual intervention.

“Static to Dynamic” in print automation represents a transformative shift towards more efficient, personalized, and scalable content management processes, ultimately enabling businesses to stay competitive in today’s dynamic marketplace. Experience unprecedented efficiency and accuracy in your printing processes with InBetween Solution for Automated Digital Database Publishing.

The transformative power of automated digital database publishing has already brought about significant changes in various sectors, helping companies streamline their workflows and create exceptional product experiences with ease. Arkema, for example, saved more than 2.5 million Euros by freeing thousands of employee hours with the automation of Technical Datasheet production. Vitakraft’s datasheet production has become 13 times faster and costs have been significantly reduced, thanks to 80% automation. Sto has reduced the generation time of 700 catalog pages from months to just 12 hours, catering to various countries with different product assortments. Similarly, SLV has streamlined the production of customized catalogs, easily adapting them to different product segments and pricing strategies with unparalleled efficiency.

These examples highlight the concrete and varied advantages that businesses can achieve through Print Autpmation.


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