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From Static to Dynamic:
The Power of PRint Automation

From Static to Dynamic: The Power of Print Automation

Be inspired by proven strategies that will propel your company to the next level!

Through real-life examples, we’ll illustrate how businesses have leveraged Digital Database Publishing to automate the creation of various types of publications – be it digital or print – resulting in up to a 95% reduction in manual time investments and significant cost savings.

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Highlights of the webinar:

Learn how to modernize your publishing process for enhanced efficiency
and product experience

    • Specific use cases featuring real customers and companies to showcase the versatility of print automation beyond traditional print formats.

    • Demonstration on how to automate documents with tailored pricing for different product ranges and regions, spec sheets integrated across major marketplaces, and downloadable brochures distributed across retail sites.

    • Firsthand experience of the InBetween platform, including end results and ease of integration.

    • Illustration of how InBetween seamlessly interfaces with product information management (PIM) systems, retrieving real-time data and building dynamic files on demand.

    • Insights on different levels of automation, with a comparison of fully automated processes and partially automated workflows.

Step into the future of automated publishing with our webinar, “From Static to Dynamic: The Power of Print Automation,” presented by Peter Flory from InBetween and Jeff Bridges from Ntara


Are you still grappling with manual generation of sales or marketing documents? Spending countless hours on tedious tasks? Imagine reclaiming days, weeks, or even months of your team’s time while simultaneously boosting productivity, minimizing errors, and improving time-to-market for your products. 


Join us as we explore the realm of print automation. In this session, we’ll demonstrate how you can modernize your publishing process and streamline your team’s workflow, leading to efficiency gains across your organization. Using real-life examples, we’ll illustrate how businesses like yours have utilized Digital Database Publishing to automate the creation of catalogs, price lists, datasheets, and other publications, reducing manual time investments by up to 95% and achieving substantial cost savings. 


Join us to gain valuable insights and best practices from industry experts who closely collaborate with leading manufacturers and businesses. Learn how they leverage print automation solutions like InBetween to optimize their publishing process. In an era dominated by automation, it’s time to rethink your team’s approach to automated digital database publishing. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock efficiency and propel your organization into the era of automated publication management.


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Discover proven strategies that will propel your company to the next level of digitalization and automation!

Founded in 1999, Ntara is a digital consultancy and software implementation agency. We specialize in product process standardization and technology optimization. We also implement and customize a variety of software, including product information management (PIM), master data management (MDM), digital asset management (DAM), and ecommerce. 

Ntara creates transformative digital solutions that serve the needs of our manufacturing clients and the end customers—be that B2B retailers or end consumers. Along with our technical expertise, this focus enables our clients to provide a consistent and differentiated customer experience across the digital buying journey. 

InBetween Deutschland GmbH, a global leader in digital publishing solutions, has been at the forefront of product and brand professionalisation for more than 20 years. Our software automatically creates catalogs, sales folders, price lists, datasheets, and more, all based on your latest product data. This saves you significant and measurable time and costs, while increasing the quality of your output documents by reducing manual errors. Our solution offers both fully or partially automated publications, personalised for different customer segments, in a variety of output formats and languages suiting your company.

Speakers Spotlight:

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Peter Flory
Director Sales


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Jeff Bridges


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