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InBetween Auto Generator Cloud: Digital Print powered by InBetween

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Offer an unforgettable customer experience!

The Cloud has for long stood at the heart of Digital Transformation. In a modern, digitalized world, this key data service has become indispensable for businesses across all industries. The advantages of the Cloud are obvious: A faster production circuit, easier integration between systems and low initial costs.


With the new InBetween Auto Generator Cloud Publishing Service, you can utilize the power of the Cloud to offer a truly unforgettable customer experience. This cloud-based publication service enables you to create, update and offer the publications for download completely automatically, and hence with lighting speed. Without a doubt, this is the most efficient way to create and provide your customers up-to-date print advertising material like data sheets.


The InBetween Auto Generator Cloud makes it possible to highly automate the creation as well as distribution of your web-based print advertising material from the fresh product data in your database.  At a scheduled time, the InBetween Auto Generator Cloud scans your database to detect changes in product information or addition of new products. The program uses smart product filtration to quickly update your publication with the changes. Next, it automatically creates a new datasheet for the updated products, and saves it on a designated location in your PIM system to make it easily available on all of your distribution channels.


With the practical InBetween Auto Generator Cloud solution, you have an easy game, when it comes to speed and topicality. Your publications can be produced immediately in preferred languages, the corresponding currencies, and tailored to your customer segments.  The entire process is quick and effortless.

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Benefits of InBetween Auto Generator Cloud

How the InBetween Auto Generator works

Once the InBetween Auto Generator Cloud is installed on your system, you only have to designate the templates for publication. The software will pull print the related data and automatically generate a publication as per the template. Next, it will store the publication at a designated location.


You can configure the InBetween Auto Generator Cloud to generate and store the publication on PIM system or at alternative location.

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In our special webinar you will find out, how you could benefit from our brand new solution InBetween Auto Generator Cloud! In this session, the head of sales Peter Flory elaborated on features of the new solution and offered a live demonstration of its use cases!

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