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InBetween is thrilled to join Akeneo Unlock 2024 as a proud sponsor!


As a global leader in digital publishing solutions for over 20 years, InBetween effortlessly automates your digital and print publishing processes. Our user-friendly software enables the centralized management of product information, empowering companies to easily produce target media – such as sales folders, catalogs, price lists and datasheets – across all communication channels in various formats and languages. The outcome: A boost in workflow efficiency, higher quality, and substantial savings in both time and cost. Beyond operational enhancements, automated digital publishing elevates your customer’s product and brand experiences and takes your company’s productivity to the next level.


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Together, let’s elevate digital database publishing to the next level!
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What clients say…

“Arkema will be able to save several million euros by freeing 8,000+ days of our employee time. It is also 8,000+ days that will be dedicated to customers instead.”​

Liza Marasinghe
Product Experience Manager


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Boston, USA

5th & 6th March 2024

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Get ready to join us for a series of inspiring events. Unlock 2024 will be the occasion for the entire PX Community to reunite and get inspired!

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Alexander Dressler

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Peter Flory

Director Sales

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No matter whether you want to learn more about our software as a perfect symbiosis with Akeneo, analyze a specific situation, or simply enjoy a little chat, come along!


Want to know more about the capability of your data? Follow in the footsteps of our client, Arkema, who won the PXM Award at Unlock 2023 in Paris for our collaborative project. Let us do a personal quick check of the publication workflows in your company. We’ll be happy to schedule one – free of charge.


Come to our booth and get a surprise, German style. We’re curious to see if you’ll like it!