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Provide the perfect frame for your product communication

with InBetween

The essential work of InBetween Software was recently chronicled in a white paper by The Group of Authors, who publish top-notch content pieces on technology and its use for businesses. Featuring the article ‘The Frame’, the collaboration series ‘Heads up’ combines industry best practices with analytical assessment.


The white paper focuses on the challenges in information distribution and on how data is turned into meaningful and impactful communication. Publishing software such as InBetween helps resolve those challenges by “transforming raw product information into touching messages, wrapped in visual stories”.


Companies have considerable product data at their disposal. This ranges from product information to customer preferences, and marketing trends. However, this information by itself has no meaning. It has to be presented to the audience in a visually appealing manner to convey the right message. Publications such as promotional data sheets, brochures, or catalogs, whether distributed online or in print are key means of communication. Great customer experience through beautifully designed product communication is the way to business success. Also, sales presentations, technical documentations and price lists are important means of communication for many companies, particularly in the B2B environment.


This is where publishing systems step in. A powerful database managing product data has become an essential basis for modern product communication. However, such a Product Information Management system (PIM) is not a sufficient enabler of successful communication by itself.


It is publishing systems that place product content in an attractive frame and give meaning to the information in PIM systems, thus attracting the attention of the target audience and facilitating its wide distribution. Publishing systems enable companies to create marketing messages from the structured data regardless of which source the data comes from. The message is then presented to the audience in a visually appealing manner, leading to branding and buying action.


InBetween Publishing solutions transform information from PIM, CRM or ERP systems automatically to publications and enables the effortless distribution through various print and digital communication channels. Considering this, companies should start to consider their specific distribution channels right from the point where product information is initially being structured and created. The impact of this insight will be felt when the information is presented to the audience in a beautiful publication. Through optimization of print publishing processes, companies can reach the desired target groups easily and effortlessly. All of this is made possible by two factors: A well-organized and data-rich PIM system, connected to an efficient publishing automation software.


Automate your publishing processes, increase efficiency and make room for design optimization and new ideas!

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