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Unlock 2023

Future-Proof with PX

Ready for a Rendez-vous in Paris? InBetween is excited to join Unlock 2023 as a proud gold sponsor for an inspiring two-day event at Maison de la Mutualité in Paris on 8th and 9th March and share their magic of simplicity.
Let’s take digital publishing to the next level together!
Akeneo Unlock 2023 – the annual Akeneo PIM/PXM Summit, where the entire PIM and PXM community will gather to share new ideas and grow! Unlock is a much-anticipated and highly energizing Akeneo annual conference celebrating the PXM and PIM. Unlock 2023 will feature a mix of forward-looking keynote presentations, best practices, technical workshops, customer testimonials, and networking opportunities. But, more importantly, it will remain an inclusive experience where every part of our community plays a role, sharing challenges, lessons, achievements and breakthroughs. The product experience conference brought to you by the product experience company. Join us for this exciting exchange of ideas and insights!

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On 8th and 9th March

Maison de la Mutualité, Paris

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Round table

Championing the importance of Product Experiences across any organization can be difficult. But how do you do this across a massive group with 15 multiple business units in many countries?


In this session, we’ll learn how one company did it as Product Experience Manager Liza Marasinghe guides us through specialty materials manufacturer Arkema’s success.


She’ll describe their journey of embracing a company-wide vision, pooling and coordinating master data, and a Digital publishing transformation that has been a game changer for their product experience management and an accelerator for growth.


Arkema SA is a global leader in Specialty Materials serving major societal and ecological challenges with innovative materials for a sustainable world.

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Meet OUR experts!

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Alexander Dressler

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Peter Flory

Director Sales


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Serge Salomon

Senior Consultant


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Türkan Siemer

Sales Consultant


Looking back -
HIghlights from unlock 2022

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InBetween Akeneo Print App

The new Akeneo Print App – powered by inBetween was presented. Effortless control and maximum efficiency at a high pace is possible. This comprehensive online solution creates the basis for successful collaboration – whether you produce digital or print publications.

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Embrace digital publishing to enhance product experince

Enjoy an exciting talk with our customer SWISS KRONO Group about expanding possibilities for growth by embracing brand consistency and innovation across different omnichannel digital experiences with customers.

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Best of unlock 2022

After 2 long years of social distancing and uncertainty nearly 600 people met at the historic La Maison de la Mutualité for 3 days of inspiring keynotes and roundtables, super valuable customer testimonials, product roadmap insights, hands-on sessions, and a memorable party!


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