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Akeneo Unlock 

2024 Boston:
The PX Revolution Recap

InBetween was excited to add a touch of German style, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere in Boston 🇩🇪😃

[Boston, 12.03.2024] – InBetween proudly sponsored Akeneo Unlock 2024, an event that unfolded in the vibrant city of Boston on March 5th and 6th, 2024. As a key player in Digital Database Publishing, we were thrilled to be part of this annual Akeneo PIM/PXM Summit, offering unparalleled opportunities to explore the future of PX (Product Experience).


We exhibited alongside our partner Ntara, a leader in digital consultancy and implementation for PIM, DAM, and print automation solutions. Together, we highlighted the transformative power of automating processes and workflows by integrating PIM with print automation software.


Curious about revolutionizing PX with InBetween, Ntara, and Akeneo? Explore the insights in our webinar „Era of Automation for Manufacturers: The Case for Revolutionizing Catalogs.

Highlights from Boston

The Unlock in Boston was a dynamic kickoff, featuring industry leaders, trends in PIM/PXM, and insightful sessions. 


One impactful session by Kristin Naragon, CSO at Akeneo, called for a paradigm shift – a rebellion against “reckless consumerism”.

For years,” she said, “buyers have been enticed by sales, trends, free shipping, and free returns. We’re all trained to shop a deal. The danger in that is substantial because most of what we purchase ends up in a landfill. In fact, she shared a statistic that only 1% of the products we buy are still in use six months after purchase. But there is evidence that consumers want to change.


Insights and Numbers:


  • 2/3 of consumers dedicate more time to researching and validating purchases.
  • 76% of buyers actively support companies making an effort.
  • Younger generations favor brands committed to making a positive impact.
  • Corporate sustainability initiatives are on the rise.
  • With the digital product passport, regulations and standards for product information are undergoing changes.

Acknowledge the significance of understanding your customer: Encourage confident buying experiences and empower your buyer with environmental transparency. Discover a better path to unlocking growth by enriching your PX using PIM and Digital Database Publishing. Digitalize and automate of your workflows to showcase products better, faster, and anywhere.

In ‚“Beyond Product Experience“, a session by Chuck Gahun, Principal Analyst at Forrester, the evolving landscape of technology, channels, and customer expectations was discussed. Businesses need to embrace composability, flexibility, and channel evolution as part of their product experience strategies.


Here are 3 key takeaways of his session:  


  • PIM technology is an enterprise requirement to reach today’s digital consumer. 
  • Connect consumer ecosystems to drive outcomes. Product sales will happen along the way. 
  • Virtual shopping experiences are closer than you think – this is just the beginning for PIMs. 


Akeneo presented their highly anticipated Spring Release that brought exciting innovations, including:


  • Ubiquitous AI in Akeneo Product Cloud
  • Akeneo App for Salesforce
  • Additional PIM and activation capabilities, new syndication destinations, configurable enrichment workflows, product family templates, simultaneous work capabilities, and business analytics
  • Plus 7 new apps from partners in the Akeneo App Store


To round out the event, Akeneo invited customers from various backgrounds to compare notes onstage about how PIM has changed their business. The varying perspectives showcased how the same software and features can solve an array of business problems.

The Unlock Party hosted by InBetween served as the ideal culmination to the first day of Akeneo Unlock 2024. Infused with warm vibes, the event seamlessly blended a spirited table tennis tournament, and an overall atmosphere of togetherness. Attendees created unforgettable moments that added an extra layer of vibrancy to the entire experience.


Thank you to each participant for contributing to the success of Akeneo Unlock 2024 – a revolutionary journey that is actively shaping the future of Product Experience. As we continue to unveil more insights and innovations, we invite you to stay tuned and join us in pushing the boundaries of digital publishing. Your presence and enthusiasm have made a significant impact, and we look forward to the continued collaboration in redefining the landscape of Product Experience.


This year, Unlock events are going global, with upcoming stops in Cologne, London, and Paris. Save the dates to join us and the entire PX Community for inspiring events that redefine the way we approach Product Experience:


✈️ Unlock in Cologne on May 15th

✈️ Unlock in London on May 21st

✈️ Unlock in Paris on May 23rd

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