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Swift and easy publication with the InBetween

Akeneo Print App

Your next step in publishing is just a click away! 


In this webinar, InBetween Software’s in-house expert, Mr. Namdeo Punde is showcasing the capabilities of the brand new Akeneo Print app developed by InBetween Software

Watch the Webinar and find out, how you could benefit from the InBetween Akeneo Publishing App!

The InBetween Akeneo Print App allows maximum efficiency and effortless control over the publishing process by bringing the best features of online publishing to your fingertips!  


The app combines two web-based tools: The InBetween Publication Wizard as well as the InBetween Publisher, for seamless collaboration between individual departments and easy distribution of the publication to multiple channels.  

The following has been presented in detail:

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Create and distribute your marketing material efficiently with the brand new Akeneo InBetween Print App!

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