Overview of functions in the InBetween PublicationBuilder

Technologically renewed, faster and a lot more intuitive are, in a nutshell, the most important benefits of the new solution.

Flexibly customizable and a multitude of new application scenarios

Thanks to extended options for its customizability and a highly flexible rights management, a large number of different application scenarios can be realized with the InBetween PublicationBuilder: You can, for instance, give your specialized dealers the possibility to create their own posters or displays for their promotional campaigns. Or you could allow your subsidiaries to pick products from the central product range in their respective languages and let them make changes in certain clearly defined areas within the document. The InBetween PublicationBuilder gives you fine-grained control over your publications and lets you decide which part of it may be altered and which should remain unchanged – while at the same time taking advantage of an automated process.

Improved architecture

Thanks to its re-engineered architecture the InBetween PublicationBuilder is even better integrated with other systems such as PIM or brand management systems. Additionally it offers higher speed and increased scalability.

Various search options

Regarding search options, the InBetween PublicationBuilder offers a number of additional benefits: A search can be directly performed in the underlying database and is far more targeted due to the use of additional filters. All at a very high speed!

Screenshot Suchfunktionen

Live data connection

Typing errors are treacherous and very often they are discovered only when the final document has already been generated. The new possibility of a live data connection with the InBetween PublicationBuilder provides valuable assistance. All current data is kept synchronous, and all fully automatically.

If, for instance, you discover in a final document that a description is missing or that a typing error has slipped in, you can simply make your corrections in the PIM system and your catalogue or datasheet will also be updated automatically, without the need for another time-consuming new data export.

Collaboration with several users working on different parts of the document

This new function in the InBetween PublicationBuilder allows you to work on an InBetween project with several people in parallel – whether they are working on different publications or on different chapters of the same publication.

New improved access and security mechanisms in the InBetween PublicationBuilder monitor closely who makes changes in a publication or an individual chapter. This prevents the accidental erasure of intended changes in a document.

Comfortable preview

You would like to have a comfortable preview of an element while selecting your images, texts and tables? With a simple click on the search result and a clearly laid out presentation of the results in columns you can really keep an eye on everything before starting to place your products.

Higher performance with multi-instance generation

InBetween supports the mult-instance version of Adobe® InDesign® Servers.

The big advantage: significantly reduced generation times whenever several generations need to be performed in parallel. If in the past it took forever to create a preview for a single product becaus this ‘job’ ended up at the very end of the queue, multi-instance generation minimizes the effect. And a little preview inbetween is no longer a big deal.

For multi-instance generations you require an Adobe® InDesign® Server. Please contact us for an interesting offer including maintenance.

Additional information

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