Why InBetween?

Standard Software

InBetween is a standard software in the truest sense of the meaning. Via the software maintenance, you will regularly receive extended and enhanced software versions. New features and release dates are periodically communicated and developed in compliance with your requirements. Because, how software is further developed is at least as important as what you purchase today.

Graphic User Interface

The InBetween project editor is entirely operated via a graphic user interface. Therefore, no knowledge of programming is required. The comprehensive instruction manual and the training courses offered facilitate becoming acquainted with the software. The InBetween PublicationBuilder and the InBetween DTP client are instruments used on a daily basis, and are intuitively operated. A fundamental advantage: You no longer have to familiarize yourself with each and every output format. No matter whether it’s Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, PDF or Microsoft Word – your interface for Dynamic Publishing is InBetween.

Creative Work

Your layout is creative and not bound by any fixed rules? No problem, because InBetween only performs automation in as far as you specify.

You can manually and creatively finish your layout in your accustomed DTP environment at any time. The essential advantages – reliable data, price and text updates and automatic implementation of international variants – are nevertheless fully retained.

Quicker Return on Investment (ROI)

The initial productions can be executed with less automation and more manual finishing touches. You can thus become acquainted with the new processes and as you gain experience, you can increase the degree of automation accordingly. The investment in time and money is nonetheless low. You obtain a quick Return on Investment (ROI), without losing potential for higher automation.

Future-proof Product Strategy

For more than ten years, InBetween stands for high-performing database publishing and Dynamic Publishing. As the market leader in this dynamic growth market, we have a clear commitment: We will continuously expand our position, without any sidetracking experiments into other lines of business. This clear focus, the consistent product strategy in conjunction with secured financing guarantees this software’s future.

Degree of Distribution

With installations far beyond 500, InBetween is the undisputed market leader for database publishing. We further develop the product in cooperation with our broad base of customers and partners. Numerous pilot customers and beta testers assist in detecting errors early on. The only reliable quality assurance for software is a broad base of critical customers. We are in ongoing dialogue with our customers, continuously enhance our software and provide periodic releases.

Service Network

When investing in database publishing, one strategic objective is reducing dependency on specialists. However, you do not wish to go the route of now being dependent upon a software provider? An international network of InBetween Service Partners ensures that you will not be subject to dependency, will invariably receive fair daily rates and, should a crisis arise, you will have immediate and competent on-site support.


Dynamic Publishing enables you to visualize your current data status in the form of a catalogue at any given time. It is all the more important, that this can be quickly carried out. Particularly in the data proof phase, having quick access to an issue saves an enormous amount of time. Within minutes, InBetween outputs a catalogue preview of several hundred pages in PDF format. For complicated, tabular layouts in the DTP system, the load can be distributed on several servers.