The InBetween Solution Approach

One System for all Outputs

Each output medium makes different demands on the supporting processes. As a rule, price lists are typeset fully automatic, but product catalogues entail creativity and manual finishing. On the other hand, advertising materials are generally created via a decentralized editing process. Information and training materials require formatted texts. InBetween ensures that all types of publications can be generated with a single tool. Thus, more than 1500 projects such as catalogues, price lists, brochures, flyers, telephone books or travel brochures are automatically typeset per year.

Neutral Format Publishing

InBetween is not a DTP plug-in, but rather a neutral format publication system. A template that was created in InBetween can be output in all formats without requiring any major adaptations. Naturally, specific media features can still be taken into consideration, e.g., using low-resolution images in the Internet. A base template for innumerable outputs– you can quickly calculate the savings potential. Because more than 50% of project costs per output medium are incurred in creating templates – which thanks to InBetween, now only need to be paid for one time.

Preview of Results

Should you not have your own DTP department, working together with the agency of your trust is no problem. You generate a preview of the catalogue in PDF or Microsoft Word at your premises. You can thus quickly and independently check the accuracy of the design and data. Your agency outputs the special DTP formats based on your data export. Data accuracy and completeness, usually the most work-intensive process in publishing, are thus ensured early on, as is layout-orientation. You thus avoid unnecessary correction loops and output errors.


In addition, the image renderer can be accessed via the project editor or via the API (SOAP and URL). Examples of use scenarios are visually implementing editorial modules, generating a preview image for data management or archiving a status in the form of an image.