InBetween Publication Wizard

As if by magic – create your publications quickly and easily with the new InBetween Publication Wizard

InBetween Publication Wizard

The new webclient for the creation of catalogues and publications in a team and across company boundaries is a real magician: Based on numerous interviews with our customers we have completely recreated the user interface – new, easier, better and more enjoyable. Thanks to the interface creating new publications has turned into an extraordinarily smooth and fast process, your page structure will be finished in record time. You are able to include static pages or include double pages as you please.

Additionally, we have also thought of a number of enchanting new features for your planning process: With the help of a new basket function you are now able to very easily put together products and further information for a first preview. Numerous filtering and search functionalities as well as preview options will help you find precisely what you are looking for.

In order to keep you technologically updated to the latest state of the art, we have now also migrated the entire user interface to HTML 5.

But the best thing is: With the new InBetween Publication Wizard you can have as many users as you want – from one to 100000.

Further magical functions of the new Publication Wizard include:

  • Any generated publications can easily be recycled: simply duplicate and edit them for creating a new publication!
  • If, for instance, you would like to very creatively design individual static pages in Adobe InDesign, or would like to include large image pages, no problem! This is now also possible and very simple to do.

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