InBetween PREVIEW Server – Simple creation of previews directly from your PIM system

InBetween PREVIEW Server 3.7 - your fast and simple preview directly from your PIM system

The InBetween PREVIEW Server allows you to create previews based on InBetween templates for control and approval of product data stored in your PIM system.

You can easily create preview pdfs of all product data directly from your PIM system in the correct layout format.

Scope of functions for the InBetween PREVIEW Server

The InBetween PREVIEW Server includes amongst others the following functions:

  • InBetween Server license (without project editor)
  • SOAP API generation interface
  • 1 renderer for PDF (Preview)
  • Dynamic table functions (z. B. Matrix-/Pivot-, MultiRow-, Multi-column tables, table cells merging, table interlines, linking tables, line control and much more.)
  • InBetween variables and placeholders
  • Frame modifications
  • Additional functions such as recursive calculation of frames, TDCL postprocessing, linked flow layout, linking across master pages, generation loops on several levels

For your special requirements, the InBetween PREVIEW Server is extendibel via additional client and server licenses as well as optional modules.

The InBetween PREVIEW Server is ideally suitable for…

… data checks in your desired lyout directly from your PIM system and simple and fast creation of previews of layouted information directly from your PIM system.

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