InBetween ENTERPRISE Plus – The Server software featuring all conventional output formats and automation functions

Box - InBetween Enterprise Plus 3.7InBetween ENTERPRISE Plus provides you with the full scope of functions of a high-end database publishing solution. With this high performing and scaleable client/server architecture, you can plan and automatically create your entire sales and marketing materials, no matter whether you are dealing with comprehensive catalogues with complex tables, price lists, data sheets or brochures and flyers. With InBetween ENTERPRISE Plus, you achieve an enhanced data quality and save time and costs through high-performance database publishing.

Scope of functions in the InBetween ENTERPRISE Plus Bundle

The InBetween ENTERPRISE Plus Bundle includes amongst others, the following functions:

  • Four InBetween DTP Clients
  • Four InBetween project editors
  • Supports Adobe InDesign ‚packaging‘ function.
  • URL generation provides an on demand preview or document via a simple interface.
  • Batch generation: Parallel generation of data sheets or chapters by calling up a batch.
  • Library for centrally predefining frames that are often used.
  • SOA-compliant web service interface
  • Four concurrent user licenses (extendible)
  • DTP renderer for outputting in Adobe InDesign or QuarkX- Press
  • One Adobe InDesign renderer for the server version (single instance).
  • Dynamic rules for flexible layout adaptation
  • Mixing of data sources
  • Page Planning
  • InBetween HQ-Output-Format

The two special modules included in InBetween ENTERPRISE Plus – the URL generator and the batch generator, allow you to generate both individualized and comprehensive publications via the server in batch mode or on demand. Furthermore, the InBetween ENTERPRISE Plus version includes four project editor licenses which you can access via the PublicationBuilder (separate module) or the InBetween DTP client.

InBetween ENTERPRISE is ideally suitable for…

…companies wishing to holistically optimize their publication process from the data source on up to publication. This process can run from full automation up to creative work in work-sharing or decentralized company processes and counting.

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