InBetween DYNAMIC – Your fast start with the automated creation of publications

Box-InBetween-Classic-Extended-3.7 The single-user version InBetween DYNAMIC provides a fast and easy means for the automated creation of a wide range of publications such as catalogues, data sheets, price lists or any other type of media. With InBetween DYNAMIC and the InBetween Publisher module you are able to automate your publications with just a few mouse clicks and without requiring specific know-how..

Scope of functions in the InBetween DYNAMIC Bundle

The InBetween DYNAMIC bundle includes amongst others the following functions:

  • InBetween Publisher
  • Supports Adobe InDesign ‚packaging‘ function
  • One client license (extendible)
  • DTP renderer for outputting in Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress (desktop edition)
  • Further renderers for PDF
  • Dynamic table functions incl. cross-classified tables, multi-row and multi-column table flow, and much more
  • Dynamic rules for flexible layout adaptation on the basis of data or layout parameters.
  • TDCL post processing
  • Linking data sources such as PIM, ERP, CRM, PLM systems via the formats CSV, Excel tables, XML or dynamic access to databases.

For your specific requirements, InBetween DYNAMIC is extendible via plug-ins and additional modules. Different renderers are available.

InBetween DYNAMIC is ideally suitable for….

… … companies looking for a low cost entry into databas publishing without missing out on the full functional bandwidth of a high-end automation solution.

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