Development partnership

InBetween Entwicklungspartnerschaft

InBetween Development Partnership – What does it mean and how does it work:

You can think of a particular function that is very important to you but which has not yet been integrated into the current InBetween software version? This feature is nonetheless crucial for your business process and you would like to see it included in the further development?

In this case do the following:

  • Describe your function as best as your can and send us your despriction under the heading ,Development Partnership‘
  • We will then take care of the next steps:

  • We will check the feasibility and associated costs and will also clarify how many of the other customers will benefit from this function.
  • Subsequently, we will create the detailed technical concept and, based on our assessment, and will offer you the development of this function at a fixed price. We will calculate the offer based on very attractive development rates. If you decide to place an order with InBetween, delivery of this function can be provided in the short to medium term as part of an InBetween Service Release software version.
  • The new function will then be treated as a basic function of the InBetween software and, in future, will be further developed as part of our regular maintenance!
  • Your big advantage: In case such a new function resulting from a development partnership turns into a new and payable module for other customers – such as in the case of the InBetween PublicationBuilder – then the ‘initiator’ will be totally exempt from any maintenance fees for this solution!

You are interested in a development partnership with InBetween?

Please give us a call at +49 711/ 72 23 32-0

Or contact us via the following web from:

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