Our Solution for Automating Your Publications

InBetween Dynamic Publishing - Schneller kommunizieren, produktiver publizieren, Kosten reduzieren!

Automated Publishing for Increased Dynamics in Your Product Communications

Ever shorter product development and innovation cycles necessitate accelerating communications. The progressive internationalization of business triggers an increase in the number of language variants required for publications. The consequence: an enormous increase in time and costs for developing and maintaining communications media.

However, the easier it is to create and update your catalogues, price lists and data sheets, the quicker you can dispatch your messages to the markets and your customers. If for the greater part, creating and updating can be automated and diverse media and formats generated practically at the press of a button, you will noticeably decrease publication costs.

One Solution. Universal Application.

Can you imagine being able to automatically create 1,000-page publications – including those with complex layouts and in any number of languages? The solution is InBetween Dynamic Publishing.

The market-leading complete solution, InBetween, enables you to create the entire range of print publications, including web-based revision and correction of DTP documents: from ad-hoc and creative publications requiring little automation, such as ads and posters, on to partially automated and decentralized generation of flyers and brochures, on up to fully automated price lists, customized catalogues and data sheets generated on the server side. With InBetween, your company can benefit by all the advantages provided by modern database publishing.


Companies with the most Diverse Requirements Profit from InBetween:

  • Industrial enterpriseswith complex publishing processes (mixed forms of creative and highly automated publishing)
  • Mail order/Wholesale trade with rigidly individualized communication (personalized promotions, catalogues)
  • Franchise enterprises with highly standardized communication (cross-selling)
  • Corporate groups with global publishing processes based on existing systems (ERP, MDM, PLM)
  • PIM/MDM software producers who integrate a high-end software component for Dynamic Publishing into their own solution
  • MAM/DAM software producers who both integrate and supplement their own solutions with publishing components
  • Companies using print/editing systems for integrating template-based automation components
  • Media service providers who have expert technical know-how, and would like to provide their customers with Dynamic Publishing solutions as a service concept