InBetween VAR & OEM Partners


VAR/OEM Partners


Software companies or major systems providers, who sell InBetween in conjunction with their own solutions. The aim of VAR/OEM Partners is to supplement their own solutions with specialized publishing functionality without having to make their own investment in developments in this field.

According to the degree and depth of integration, as a rule the status of Value Added Reseller is initially awarded, which can then be extended within the framework of the partnership and by additional steps for using InBetween through to use as an own module as an OEM Partner.

Sales are effected either under the InBetween brand name and the exact descriptions according to the InBetween price list, or as an own brand with the reference to “powered by InBetween®,” or as a white label product.

Optionally, OEM Partners can also receive the status of a Business Partner, if they carry out their own projects. However, in this case, an inclusion of competitors under the terms of the Business Partner agreement is no longer possible.

OEM Partners can also sell the OEM bundle via their own partner network, providing appropriate terms. On the other hand, the sale of InBetween stand-alone solutions via an own partner network is not permitted.

OEM The InBetween OEM Partners are acquired and supported by InBetween’s OEM sales. In addition to the national company, InBetween Holding AG is also a partner in the contract.