InBetween for Your Company

More than 500 companies already benefit by using the database-supported cross-media publishing provided by the market leader, InBetween. Our knowledge of the special requirements in the various branches and continuous further development of InBetween made this success possible. Today, InBetween is a matured technological standard solution for all aspects of modern database and Dynamic-Publishing. Read on to learn how you and your company can benefit by InBetween’s flexibility and performance, and how the automated creation of your communication materials increases the dynamics of your publication processes.

Everything for Everyone. This is How You Profit from Database Publishing.

Integrating your Dynamic Publishing solution affects departments such as Marketing, IT and Project Management, as well as your creative resources like agencies and DTP experts – all of whom have different requirements. The sustainable advantages of Dynamic Publishing are self-evident. Please see for yourself just how InBetween Dynamic Publishing can provide the optimum solution for your specific requirements.

InBetween - The Solution for Project Managers of Dynamic Publishing Projects The Dynamic Publishing Software InBetween allows Marketing Managers to fully comply with Corporate Design Standards InBetween offers IT Managers a highly performant system for Dynamic Publishing InBetween allows DTP experts and agencies to work creatively with layouts and up-to-date customer data
Project Manager Marketing-Manager IT Manager Agencies & DTP Experts