1991 Development of first InBetween version as a plugin for Quark by CAO Software & Service GmbH, founded in 1991 in Cologne
1995 Transfer of all employees and products to newly founded Building Systems GmbH in Cologne (change of the company name to Building Systems AG in 2002)
1999 Release of InBetween 2.0 with ODBC- and SQL-interfaces as well as Oracle interface
2004 Founding of InBetween GmbH in Stuttgart; transfer of the brands „InBetween“ and „Database-Publishing“
2005 Presentation of a completely redesigned InBetween version 3.0, e. g. for the first time with Adobe InDesign renderer and multi-format output
2006 Launch of InBetween 3.1 with new functions such as page planning and master pages
2006 Server-based solution being used productively by first customers
2007 Management buyout of InBetween GmbH
2007 Founding of InBetween Holding AG based in Zug/Switzerland and change of name from InBetween GmbH to InBetween Deutschland GmbH
2007 First OEM integration with the OEM partner myview systems GmbH based on new server architecture
2007 Release of InBetween 3.2 with newly developed server technology as well as InBetween WEBCLIENT and Webservices API (SOAP); Tapping of Enterprise and SOA markets
2008 Founding of InBetween USA Corp. located in Las Vegas/NV/USA
2008 Launch of InBetween 3.3 with extensive redevelopments such as InBetween DTP Client as well as URL batch generation etc.
2008 Several international cooperations with Riversand (USA) and Perfion (Denmark)
2009 Creation of InBetween IT Services Pvt. Ltd. located in Pune/Indien
2010 Release of InBetween 3.4
2011 Release of InBetween 3.5
2012 Release of InBetween 3.6
2013 Founding of InBetween Software Development pvt. Ltd. in Goa, India and Release of InBetween 3.7
2014 Release of InBetween 3.8 with the InBetween Publisher
2015 Release of InBetween 4.0